Did you know how to maintain outdoor furniture ?

Before buying outdoor furniture, you should first understand the materials of outdoor furniture. Whether it is solid wood or aluminum frame, iron frame, it will determine what steps you need to take to maintain the furniture. If you don’t deal with outdoor furniture, they will change color or be corroded, which is not what you want.

Solid wood is considered a durable long-term investment. Usually made of teak or eucalyptus wood, it is wear-resistant and not easily corroded. Due to the robustness of the hardwood, care is relatively simple.
When installing for the first time, the most important step is to use high quality wood oil to protect it from weathering. Then, at the beginning of each season, use hot soapy water or hardwood cleaner to wipe. If the appearance is not so smooth due to storage or use, first polish it and then apply wood oil to rejuvenate it.

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Iron frame and aluminum frame furniture are better maintained. Daily maintenance can be done with warm soapy water and non-abrasive sponge. However, if scratches are not treated in time, rust will be generated. Therefore, once found, the steel wool is used to remove the scratches and then painted. In order to prevent discoloration, it should be cleaned regularly and stored in winter.

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Rattan home has strong UV and weather resistance, so no special maintenance is required. If it is synthetic rattan furniture, use a damp cloth to clean the dirt. However, if it is natural rattan, try not to get wet. It is best to use a brush to gently clean the dirt. Always check the frame under the rattan table or wicker chair, usually aluminum, for normal metal maintenance.

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