The Top 8 Creations By Barber & Osgerby, One Of The UK’s Most Sought-After Design Duos

We present our eight favorite pieces of furniture created by the darlings of British design, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, who have been working together in partnership for the past quarter century. Reinterpreting everyday objects, they are recognized for their clever solutions whose simplicity of use reveals nothing of the complex processes required for their manufacture. Their sober creations demonstrate immense attention to detail, a sense of lightness and the capacity to push materials and manufacturers beyond their existing limits. Less preoccupied with delivering statement pieces, they are more concerned with filling a design void, and have succeeded in delighting audiences with their products made by the world’s most established brands, as well as firms outside of the furniture design field.

Introducing a whole new chair typology, the economical, robust and 100 % recyclable polypropylene Vitra chair (available in eight colors) with forward-tilt sitting position increases muscle activity in the abdominal and back areas, which improves oxygen supply to the body for better concentration.

Recipient of the 2009 Wallpaper* Best Floor Lamp Award, the Flos lamp’s folding profile provides direct lighting and an adjustable head, allowing you to angle it back onto the wall or down onto your sketchbook. The body comes in painted die-cast aluminum and the multi-LED diffuser in specially-designed PMMA to avoid the multi-shadow effect and glare.

The first piece of furniture Barber & Osgerby designed together, it was quickly snapped up by Cappellini for domestic use, available in several mat lacquer finishes, and consists of two bent U-shaped sections of plywood joined seamlessly together and disrupted by two panels forming the supporting legs, so it appears to float. The concept developed from a handmade model of folded and slotted card, as their early designs often resulted from their investigations with folded structures using architectural model-making materials.

Designated the Design Museum’s 2012 Design of the Year, the triangular shape – a first for Olympic torches, which are traditionally cylindrical – represents the three words that make up the Olympic motto and the fact that the UK has hosted the Olympic Games three times, while the 8,000 laser-cut perforations symbolize the 8,000 runners making the 8,000-mile journey.

Starting from explorations of geometrical shapes, Barber and Osgerby soon realized that the patterns formed resembled abstract maps and decided to use the idea of European islands (including Faroe, Anglesey, Skeye, Crete and Murano) as a reference for the Mutina collection’s different colors, creating countless combinations.

Comprising chairs, tables, sofa, lounger and bench, the highly-resistant and durable outdoor sustainable teak furniture by Dedon proposes strong verticals and horizontals demonstrating skilled craftsmanship.

Recipient of the 2013 Wallpaper* Best Dining Table Award, the round B&B Italia table draws inspiration from the East, its name referring to the ornamental stones used in traditional Japanese gardens. Influenced by the compositional balance of these striking, elegant green spaces, the table’s form, with its characteristic cantilever top and bases that look different depending on the perspective, alludes to these smooth stones.

A simple series of holes enables furled or unfurled umbrellas of any size to be popped in easily into this Magis umbrella stand, while the triangular shape fits well in any room corner. The injection-molded glossy ABS plastic in orange, green, white or black emphasizes waterproof qualities, but the form references the game of snooker.

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Post time: Oct-15-2019